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Inner Cleansing Health ClinicsNovember 25, 2014 7:00 am
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Laxatives & Digestive Health. Do they go together?

We see a large number of our clients here at Inner Cleansing Health Clinics having been prescribed laxatives for constipation. Alarmingly, some clients have even been told that they will have to be reliant on them for the rest of their lives! This bears the important question- what exactly are these laxatives doing to our


Colonic Irrigation Appointment

Colon Irrigation Melbourne

Inner Cleansing Health Clinics are the leading providers of colonic irrigation located in the outer south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Conveniently located in the heart of Berwick, Inner Cleansing Health Clinics provide a modern, private and safer colon cleanse experience for both men and women.
There are many colonic irrigation benefits and these can range from wanting a general detox, weight loss, clearing skin and acne/psoriasis breakouts, to addressing more serious concerns such as digestive disorders such as IBS, chronic constipation, lazy bowel and many other symptoms of poor digestive health.
We are the only Colon Irrigation clinic in Melbourne to use the “Angel of Water Surround ®” Colon Hydrotherapy System which is the premier device for colon irrigation. We pride ourselves on exceptional client care and satisfaction. The Angel of Water Colon Hydrotherapy system is the world’s most trusted colonic irrigation device. It is the only device on the market which is both TGA and FDA approved, and is quiet, more ergonomic to use and is the safer colon cleanse alternative.
As the premier colonic irrigation clinic in Melbourne, we are open 7 days a week by appointment for your convenience.

Call 1300 855 885 today to book in your consultation, or come in and see us!

Medical Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

Benefits Of Colonic Irrigation

Digestive Health

At Inner Cleansing Health Clinics, we believe that true health and beauty begins on the inside. Digestive health is of prime importance for so many vital bodily functions. With processed foods on the rise, Genetically Modified Food products (GMOs) starting to become more prevalent, and poor food choices in general becoming a staple of our


Detox Colonic Irrigation Benefits


More often than not, we don’t associate outer beauty with inner health. At Inner Cleansing Health Clinics we believe they go hand in hand. Our digestive system is responsible for breaking down the food we consume, and also to absorb the vital key nutrients for survival and good health. In times of stress or poor


Colonic Irrigation benefits Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Let’s face it, at some stage we have all wanted to drop a few kilos to look and feel healthier. For many of us, weight loss can be a constant struggle despite watching what we eat. Have you ever made complaints about constipation, bloating or just a lack of healthy regular bowel movements despite the fact


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