Colonic Irrigation

Colonic Irrigation in Melbourne at Inner Cleansing Health Clinics

Colonic irrigation is usually recommended as a digestive aid for those suffering from chronic constipation, IBS and other digestive health related issues. At Melbourne Cellulite Treatment however we have noticed a remarkable improvement in the appearance of cellulite when treatments are performed inconjunction with colonic irrigation sessions. The detoxification benefits that Colonic Irrigation provides work hand in hand with our VelaShape II treatments to bring you the best in cellular detoxification and body contouring. Located in the same building, Colonic Irrigation is one of the cornerstone services at Inner Cleansing Health Clinics. We are committed to helping clients’ bodies heal and thrive naturally. Healthy colon function is part of ensuring a healthy overall digestive system, which in turn promotes awareness with nutritional choices and a healthier lifestyle. Colonic irrigation at our Melbourne clinic could be just what your body is looking for.

What does the colon do?

The colon is the last pit stop of the digestive system if you will, before waste leaves the body. It is where water, minerals and electrolytes are absorbed before the leftover waste is expelled. Good flora (mostly bacteria) help this process by fermenting unused sources of energy, producing biotin and vitamin K, and training the immune system. Recently, it was discovered that some flora can also produce hormones which direct the host to store fat, and that this can be remedied with a faecal transplant.

When the colon and its flora cannot function properly – when there’s a faecal impaction or a proliferation of bad bacteria – there can be negative knock-on effects. These can include (but are not limited to) weight gain, persistent illness, symptoms of poor nutrition, reduced energy, depression, and more.

How can colonic irrigation help?

Colonic irrigation is a treatment that involves slowly and gently filling the colon with temperature and pressure controlled water, to help flush out unwanted waste matter. In addition to naturopathic applications, it is also used medically to prepare patients for procedures such as endoscopy or radiology. It is quiet, comfortable and relatively private, and although some people find the idea confronting at first, most find it is actually quite relaxing and refreshing.

What’s different about our service?

Inner Cleansing is the exclusive home of the Angel of Water colonic irrigation system in Melbourne. The cost is quite competitive relative to other methods, and the Angel of Water is the safest and most comfortable treatment on the market, in addition to being TGA approved. View the video below to find out more.

All services are carried out by certified Colonic Hydrotherapists and Naturopaths who are trained and experienced professionals that are dedicated to ensuring your utmost comfort and satisfaction. During your initial appointment you will have a pre-treatment consultation in which you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and to discuss your treatment goals. If you are concerned about the interaction of colonic irrigation with other medicines or therapies you are undertaking, please consult your primary health care professional.

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